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Codan NGT SR HF SSB Radio - TXE & GPS Option Codan NGT SR  1.6-30Mhz, USB/LSB/AM, TXE & GPS Option. 12 Mth warranty. International Sales Only.. Product #: r24 Regular price: $1,790.00 $1,790.00

Codan NGT SR HF SSB Radio - TXE & GPS Option

Price: $1790.00

Codan NGT SR HF Radio package

You get:

Refurbished Codan NGT Model 2010 SR (International) Mobile System - GPS & TXE option enabled (No GPS Supplied)
Specs: 1.6-30Mhz, USB/LSB/AM, 400 channels, 125W PEP - Field Programmable.
Comes with handset, new handset mount, Junction Box and Power lead.
All components are in very good/clean condition
12 Mth back to base warranty supplied.

Note: International Sales Only on this system

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