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Complete Codan 9323 / Multi-tap package-1 yr Warranty Complete package in Excellent condition--New Multitap Antenna System... Product #: cp22 Regular price: $1,799.00 $1,799.00

Complete Codan 9323 / Multi-tap package-1 yr Warranty

Price: $1799.00

You get:

Refurbished Remote head 9323, programmed with up to date 4WD Channels - "A" grade stock in Excellent Condition.
New 13 tap Multitap antenna system with H/Duty spring and Delrin base.
Mounting Cradles/new coax lead/all interconnection leads/new 30 amp circuit breaker.
Latest Version 4.36 firmware fitted.
User manual on CDROM.
Phone support to help with installation tips.
12 Month back to base "Common Sense" warranty .

You will need to supply:
*4M of 6mm2 power cable.
*Few nuts/bolts/screws.
*Bit of elbow grease to fit the system to your vehicle.
*Radio licence.

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